Why You Should Consider Using A Planner

Consider the value, savings and reassurance a full-service event planner can provide. When you choose Happily Ever After Weddings and Events, LLC, you are assured of getting the very best. Here are the top 5 reasons why you need a Wedding Planner:


1.     Saves You Valuable Time - There’s no need to waste your time scouring websites, contacting endless amounts of vendors, attending multiple bridal shows and trying to track and compare it all.  With our expert Event Planners and their valuable knowledge, along with our preferred vendor list, you can count on exceptional quality and service with preferred pricing.  This is what we do for a living!  We know which florists, photographers, and caterers do the best work consistently and which vendors to pass on.  There's no need to take unnecessary chances with one the most important days of your life. 


2.      Saves The Peace - Weddings can be stressful on all parties involved.  Our Event Planners know just how to offer advice, keep the peace, and offer up strategies to avoid common problems. We take the stress off of you and your family and friends so that everyone can enjoy your special day.  Our goal is that everyone, even you, get to be a guest and enjoy each moment of the festivities.  Dont get caught up in the tedious details and forfeit the joy that comes from being fully present for your partner and your guests.


3.      Saves You Money - Did know know that using a wedding planner can actually SAVE you money (not to mention headaches)? Many of the vendors we work with give Happily Ever After Weddings and Events, LLC discounted pricing that we pass onto our clients.  But more importantly, it’s our connection and knowledge of this industry that is going to get you the most for the money you have budgeted.  We understand how to carefully manage a budget and will keep you on track throughout the planning process.


4.     Saves Your Event - As with any big event, there inevitably will be unforeseen glitches that will arise.  How the glitches are managed is what is paramount to the success of the event. With our attention to every detail, and our expert crisis management skills we are prepared to effectively handle anything and keep your day on track for success, without you or your partner having to be stressed out or bothered with the details.  All members of our team are experienced and steady under pressure to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.


5.     Saves Memories - Sip your champagne, hug your guests, enjoy your dinner, laugh and cry at the toasts, then dance the night away and love every moment.  You dont have to stress or worry because you know that we are taking care of everything else.  From beginning to end and all moments in between, we will be there.  The day will pass by in a flash... so you shoud savor every delicious moment!







Quick Tip

"You may think that you cannot afford a planner, but I assure you that we have multiple packages and custimized options so that you can have the wedding day you are dreaming about AND stay on budget"

-Angela Rogers-Hesch