Do you have a busy work schedule? Are the pressures of your life getting the best of you? Do you wish to escape from all the tensions and worries and take a breather? If so, then contact us today and start your journey to wellness and wellbeing.  Happily Ever After Weddings and Events, LLC plans state of the art wellness retreats in beautiful environments close to home and all around the world. In everything we do, our mission is total mind/body wellness so that you return  ready and refreshed to live your best life. 


Vacations, by definition, are periods of rest, relaxation, and sometimes excitement and travel. Retreats, on the other hand, are get-aways with an entirely different purpose or intention. They are opportunities to step outside of our normal day-to-day existence, to reflect upon who we are and how we have been engaging the world, a time to explore life’s challenges, to discover new things about ourselves and our relationship to our existing life.  Retreats give us the opportunity to consider changes we want to implement and provide the tools in order to move back into our lives with a new perspective and renewed focus. We return to our normal life refreshed, invigorated, ready again for the challenges of our lives.


Prior to booking your retreat you will meet (via phone, web, or in person depending on location) with our licensed Wellness Consultant to discuss any wellbeing concerns,  current health status, as well as establish your goals and budget. We will ensure your likes, needs and goals are considered as the cornerstones of our selections and offering. Our Wellness Consultant will ensure that your program is tailored to your specific desires. If you have any special requirements or dietary needs or preferences, these will be noted for planning to ensure that your wellness journey is a pleasant one. We want your retreat to achieve a therapeutic and lasting outcome.


From a spa wellness retreat, to a corporate burnout retreat, each of our getaways can be tailored to meet your individual needs. We have carefully designed programs under the following categories:


Stress Management - Designed for people in need of the time and place to step back from their life and recover their balance, relax, renew their energy and replenish their spirit. Experience a range of therapies drawn from diverse healing traditions and a variety of holistic activities to de-stress, replenish depleted energy levels and boost the immune system.


Digestive Health, Weight Loss and Nutrition - Experience one of these great fitness vacations while discovering your power to improve your health and increase your enjoyment of life through exercise, good nutrition, and integrative health care.


Women’s Only -  “To retreat” means to leave our normally occupied positions and go to a place of safety, quiet, and seclusion. By going to a retreat, we physically remove ourselves from life’s distractions, the call of chores, and the demands of people in order to make space for ourselves to contemplate the "what if's, what's possible, and what's next," and regain perspective and footing.


Spa and Leisure - Who wouldnt love and appreciate a time of pampering and relaxation? The power of massage is very healing and cathartic, and it might be just what the doctor ordered. Soak in the hot springs, detoxify in sacred clay, and clear your mind with meditation and yoga. Curl up and read in front of the fire in winter or lay out and soak up some warmth from the sun in summer. We are sure to have a location and retreat experience that will get you back on track. 


LGBT Groups - These retreats are specifically open to gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender people (both single and couples) as well as straight and a-sexual people. The gay friendly designation indicates that it is safe for gays and lesbians (as a single person or a couple) to openly and lovigly enjoy their getaway. These retreats respect your desire to seek spirituality and healing, and are guaranteed to not discriminate based on sexual orientation.

(In full disclosure, Happily Ever After Weddings and Events, LLC would not utilize a vendor or company who knowingly discriminated against any person for any reason.  We try our best to carefully screen and vet out all products and services in partnership with us as we deliver on our mission).



"These excursions are tailor-made to get you into your perfect state of bliss"

                                                                                      -Angela Rogers- Hesch

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