Soul Spark, Inc. is the passion and brainchild of CEO and Executive Coach, Angela Rogers-Hesch. Following a demanding and highly successful career as a Commercial Insurance Broker and Finacial Services Advisor, Public Speaker, and Leadership Coach, Angela sold her agencies to pursue the aspect of her career that she loved most; coaching and supporting others as they strive to live their best life.  Angela infuses her coaching and leadership trainings with holistic health, wellness, and personal healing as the basis for lasting change and true transformation.


Prior to her career as an Insurance and Financial Services Advisor, Angela was an active duty soldier in the United States Army serving as a Patriot Missle Operator. Angela is experienced in multiple styles of leadership and training, she is very well traveled and appreciates the opportunity to experience other cultures and traditions first hand.  She prides herself on being a global citizen, coaching clients around the world.  


Angela is the type of woman who has never met a stranger because she quickly befriends all whom she meets. She is a true lover of all people and their journeys. She excels at connecting with clients, understanding and translating their wishes, then executing on the mission with precision, tenacity, and wholeheartedness. If you are looking for the perfect partner to help you realize your vision, look no further. 


Brian Hesch is Angela's life partner and business partner.  Brian is the CFO of Soul Spark, Inc. Brian enjoyed a successful career as a Broker and Compliance Manager in the Insurance and Financial Services industries prior to transitioning into his role with Soul Spark, Inc. Brian earned his degree in Business and Economics and Engineering and has an impressive background in National and Global Client Services, Corporate Asset Management, and Commercial Operations from his previous careers. Brian is a key component in the planning and execution of our annual Transformation Vacations and he is in charge of procurement, and project management for our global initiatives.  He is the epitomy of a perfectionist and is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence for Soul Spark and our clients.  Brian loves to travel, play with his dog Kanga, and play drums and guitar in his studio.


Our Story

"Each event is the opportunity for life long memories to be made, and where relationships are forged and fortified. Its because of this that we take every event, no matter how big or small, to heart. Every detail and even the smallest of decisions can make a big impact on the outcome, so we make sure to ask lots of questions and take everything into consideration and ensure nothing is overlooked. We strive to make every event as easy and smooth as possible by bringing years of expertise to the table. We want our clients to focus on being a guest at their event and enjoying every single minute."

                                                                       - Brian R. Hesch

Brian Hesch
Angela Rogers-Hesch