Love Letters - Testimonials

"Working with Angela and her team is an incredible experience. Not many people have the passion and knowledge that she has, and that combination is priceless."  - Travis Dockter, UNM Anderson School of Business Graduate, Albuquerque, NM




"I have partnered with Angela Rogers-Hesch for various events over the past 10 years.  In that time Angela has organized every one of my annual employee trainings and various other group meeting events.  I have close to 300 employees - which would be overwhelming to a less experienced company.  Angela and her staff always arrive organized, professional, and efficient.  I have complete confidence in trusting Angela and Brian with all my business needs.  I have also had the pleasure of attending various functions, including weddings, outside of our business relationship which were organized by Angela.  Her events are always spectacular...the room layout, seating, entertainment, menu, I truly believe that Angela can coordinate any event!"  - Patricia Lindenfelser, Owner of Generations Personal Care Agency, Farmington, NM




"Angela's events are always a cut above! Her Christmas parties are always grand events that everyone looks forward to all year.  I have also attended several corporate functions that Angela organized and they are efficient, professional, and engaging. She is the consumate professional."  - Melissa Maestas, J.D, Phoenix, Arizona




"Angela planned a destination leadership event for our company in Maui, Hawaii.  It was the best trip I have ever been on. Angela had meticulously planned every detail of our travel, excursions, transportation, ceremonies, and even customized meals and menus at each restaurant around the island.  We never had a bad meal or mediocre experience in the 7 days we were there.  From the moment we arrived at the airport until we got back home, all our staff and their spouses were treated like royalty. Angela was always the first to arrive each morning and greet us as we went about our days and she even ensured we had gourmet sack lunches when we had activities that would go past a meal time! I cannot say enough good things about Angela and her staff. All you have to do is show up and the rest is magic!"  -Stacy Rolison, Licensed Account Coordinator, Albuquerque, NM. 




"One of my most memorable trips was to Maui, Hawaii. This was a business trip awarded to us by our employer for a year of outstanding performance.  It was well planned, organized, and we had a great balance of relaxation, leisure time, and planned activities. I left feeling rejuvinated and happy.  I had a very good time and would highly recommend Angela and her company!" - Monica Madrid, Licensed Broker, Espanola, NM




"In August, 2013, we went on a Silversea Cruise through the Baltic Sea with portside stops in Stockholm, Sweden; St. Petersberg, Russia; Helsinki, Finland; and Copenhagan, Denmark. While in Sweden we visited the Medieval Festival in Visby, on Gotland Island. The festival featured music, puppet masters, magicians and much more. The day ended with a knight’s tournament, with knights on horses joust fighting along with men jousting on foot. We ate an authentic Viking meal prepared using midieval cooking methods and ingredients.

In St. Petersberg, Russia which is known for extravance and glitz, we took a tour of all the lavish Cathedrals, The Peterhof Palace and finished the day with a Hydrofoil Ride. Helsinki, Finland is a sea town unlike any local fishing village you may know. We took a walking sightseeing tour to experience the thrill and enjoy the beauty of their churches, fruit markets, arts and craft markets, flower gardens and more.

While in Copenhagen, Denmark we enjoyed the canal boats while listening to sweet sounds of jazz. We viewed and learned about the many historic buildings and national landmarks. We took a pier tour to visit The Little Mermaid statue, which is the most cherished landmark of the city. We visited Tivoli Gardens, one of the highlights of Copenhagen City. This trip was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and it was all planned from start to finish by Angela. She has always loved to travel and is a very knowledgeable and confident planner. I recommend her abilities to help her clients design and experience the trip of their dreams."

                                                                          - Juanita Lovato, Retired, Santa Fe, NM