"Angela planned a destination leadership event for our company in Maui, Hawaii.  It was the best trip I have ever been on. Angela had meticulously planned every detail of our travel, excursions, transportation, ceremonies, and even customized meals and menus at each restaurant around the island.  We never had a bad meal or mediocre experience in the 7 days we were there.  From the moment we arrived at the airport until we got back home, all our staff and their spouses were treated like royalty. Angela was always the first to arrive each morning and greet us as we went about our days and she even ensured we had gourmet sack lunches when we had activities that would go past a meal time! We zip-lined, hiked, snorkled on multiple islands, participated in a luau, took helicopter tours over the island, had peaceful morning walks on the beach and much more. I cannot say enough good things about Angela and her staff. All you have to do is show up and the rest is done...like magic!"  

        -Stacy Rolison, Licensed Account Coordinator, San Diego, CA 


Corporate Wellness Retreats are extremely popular to offer as a reward for top performers and management teams. They are also effective in preparing the most valuable members of the team for an important upcoming work crunch by helping them de-stress, re-energize and get motivated to perform as a team. We will carefully select a venue in accordance with your organization’s needs, goals, preferences and budget. Venues can range from conference centers with natural surroundings all the way up to upscale corporate resort retreats in exotic overseas locales. The length of your event can be a single day, weekend or a full week and even longer depending on your needs and objectives. Your Happily Ever After Weddings and Events, LLC Retreat Coordinator and Event Planners will arrange all the travel and accommodation requirements for your entire team. 


Our Corporate Wellness Retreats are truly tailored to fulfill your team’s specific needs and preferences. Our Event Planner will help you select where we will host your event and pick the most suitable services. In everything we do, our mission is the overall physical and mental wellness of your team. We will help you find the right balance of work, activity and relaxation so that your staff doesnt come home feeling like they need a "vacation from their vacation" in order to rest up and get back on track. 


  • Team building activities

  • Zip Lines, Parasailing and Sport Fishing trips

  • Meditation and Breathing Sessions

  • Life Balance and Nutrition Discussions

  • Outdoor Resistance Training and Guided Hiking Tours

  • Aerobic exercise

  • Outdoor/Indoor Group Yoga and Pilates 

  • Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage Therapy 

  • Guided Beach and Nature Walks

  • Surfing Lessons and Golf Instruction

  • Many more options...


In some cases, the retreat can be focused on one service of preference, such as a full scale team building or yoga retreat. Corporate Wellness Retreats can be extremely effective for anyone with a need to develop team cohesion and empower every member of your organization to live thier best possible life.



Corporate Wellness Retreats